Best Laptop Bags For Business Travel 2023

Travel and technology go hand in hand in today’s environment. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a local trip or an international one, possibilities are you’ll bring your laptop or tablet with you.

If you’re reviewing this article, you’re likely seeking the finest Best Laptop Bags For Business Travel to safeguard your priceless gadgets.

We concur that you should bring a laptop on your trip and take good care of it. Working from home allows you plenty of flexibility to live and travel whenever you like. Additionally, computers make it slightly simpler to keep in touch with home.

Traveling involves a lot of movement for your laptop: pulling it out for TSA screening, returning it for a little work session in the lounge, packaging it before boarding, and so on. Your precious asset will be kept secure and cozy in its sleeve and conveniently withdrawn or returned when you require it to be by purchasing a specialized laptop bag.

Think about additional items you’ll probably be carrying and how a backpack may help you stay organized so that accessories don’t collide and more minor things don’t go misplaced. We considered each aspect and spoke with a few seasoned travelers to identify the finest laptop bag choices.

Best Laptop Bags For Business Travel

STM Banks Backpack for Laptop

The newest laptop bag from Australia-based STM, the Bag offers a respectable 18L capacity without sacrificing the sleek form. On the back, there is also breathable mesh material, which helps prevent the uncomfortable back perspiration that occurs while wearing a backpack.

It has enough room for your laptop (up to 15 inches), charger, phone, lunch, and even a jacket — trust me, we’ve tried. It means to double as an everyday bag. Sunglasses, cellphones, power packs, and other items may store in the many pockets of different sizes and forms.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have some outstanding features explicitly designed for laptops, like the company’s proprietary Sling tech protection, which suspends the laptop sleeve above the ground to shield it from drops and adds additional padding to the corners.

Additionally, it has the brand-new CableReady routing system, which enables you to route cables through various Bag compartments. It is ideal for charging your smartphone or laptop while you’re out and about.


  •         Protects your device by suspending it
  •         The Bag’s bottom uses double-density foam-coated cable
  •         Cable-routing technology
  •         Side pockets with zippers


  •         The straps ripped

Fossil Men’s Haskell Leather Single Zip

A large travel bag is more useful if you find yourself traveling frequently. It ought to have space for things like your laptop, passports, wallet, possibly a tablet, and books. Even great could be if the laptop bag maintained its fashionable appearance. The Fossil Men’s Haskell Leather Laptop Bag is everything you need in that situation.

The Fossil Men’s Haskell Leather Laptop Bag is divided into two pieces to achieve this. Everything adequately protects by the padding all around it. Between the two compartments, you may fit various goods, even something as significant as an umbrella. The Fossil Men’s Haskell Laptop Bag weighs surprisingly little—just 1.1 pounds.

Indeed, something has to compromise with all that functionality. Fortunately, the world of fashion hasn’t been altogether scrapped. The Fossil Men’s Haskell Leather Laptop Bag can wear across your shoulders while you enter a meeting with a potential client, in addition to holding your essential business items.


  •         Ample storage
  •         Lightweight
  •         Cozy to wear
  •         Zippers are quite robust


  •         Only a year’s worth of coverage

Thule Gauntlet MacBook Sleeve

There is a reasonable probability that you will bring your laptop when you travel, especially if you plan to fly. You’ll either keep it nearby to pass the time or pack it in specialized luggage for storage and security. The instability of flying can drastically shorten the laptop’s life. You ought to think about using the Thule Gauntlet to prevent that.

The Thule Gauntlet is equivalent to a strict, outdoor phone case. Its surface serves more as a shield to protect and prevent drops and lousy weather than as a sleeve. It is made feasible by the shell’s construction from heavy-duty polyurethane, which results in a solid and long-lasting casing. If the case is dismissed on one of the edges, it is stretched to the edges to stop further harm.

The Thule Gauntlet’s resistance to dents is one of its best features. Although it won’t be simple, everything has a critical threshold. In the odd event that something does, your laptop will be safeguarded by a soft, plush inside that will absorb any impact.


  •         Tiny footprint
  •         Rigid exterior
  •         Avoids denting
  •         Can be resolved in this scenario


  •         It only works with 13-inch laptops

17-inch Laptop Bag Best Laptop Bags For Business Travel

Let’s imagine you travel a lot and are constantly on the go. You might even use a computer other than a laptop. Of course, you must drink plenty of water and prepare some snacks. Not to include paperwork as well. The Ytonet Travel Briefcase is a laptop bag that can manage everything.

In essence, the Ytonet Travel Briefcase functions as a mobile workplace. Along with 17-inch laptops, it can carry other items, including books, papers, tablets, and plastic bottles. There is also room for a small lunchbox. It is made feasible by the Ytonet Travel Briefcase’s usage of a partition and expanding zipper, which you may unzip to let it grow.

The Ytonet Travel Briefcase offers numerous quality-of-life advantages in addition to storage. Since it’s water-resistant, a little light rain won’t be a problem. The trolley strap, a welcome addition, will keep the Ytonet Travel Briefcase from coming off your cart while you’re moving.


  •         Outstanding utility
  •         A lot more storage
  •         Outstanding side padding


  •         Very huge and heavy

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Kenneth Cole REACTION Chelsea Chevron

Even if that’s a worry, there’s no need to sacrifice style for practicality. Without giving up either for the other, both may complete simultaneously. The Kenneth Cole REACTION Chelsea Chevron Tote, which serves as both a private bag and a laptop travel case, is the ideal illustration of this combination.

The designers expertly utilized high-density polyester twill. The surface is covered in ridges and exquisite embroidery. It’s undoubtedly a welcome contrast from flat, uninteresting characters. Additionally, the storage pouches’ golden zippered accent is a pleasant bonus.

In addition to being stylish, the Kenneth Cole REACTION Chelsea Chevron Tote has enough room for your 15-inch laptop and other supplies. The pocket and the additional pouch are the two components of the multiple compartments. The Kenneth Cole REACTION Chelsea Chevron Tote is excellent if you were expecting to replace that worn-out handbag with something better.


  •         Both useful
  •         Wonderfully stylish
  •         Spacious storage that isn’t overly large
  •         Shoulder strap


  •         Lacks the ability to repel water


All laptop bags have a few basic features: padding in the laptop pocket, materials that guard against quick damage to your laptop, and a dimension that matches your device. Additionally, check for characteristics that suit your lifestyle.

The bags provide good organization because of their numerous compartments and thick padding. Additionally, they are portable and have a simple appearance that works in various settings and styles. Thanks to the ergonomic and flexible handles, it makes an excellent travel companion for anything from daily commutes to airport trips.

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