How To Measure Laptop Size

When purchasing a new laptop, the size is the second most significant consideration after the model and make. It is also necessary while selecting a laptop bag. The nature of your requirements may affect the size of your laptop.

Students, freelance writers, and professionals, for example, prefer thin and small-sized computers. However, programmers, web developers, and professional gamers choose laptops with huge screens. The size of the computer is computed in the same manner as a TV or monitor. Its dimension is in inches. Laptops are often available in 11-inch, 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch sizes.

Laptops may be an excellent method to do tasks when away from family, friends, or the office. And, despite the small size, you get nearly the same capabilities as a desktop computer. With their tiny form factor and extended battery life, current thin and light laptops are easy to transport anywhere. However, while traveling with anything portable, it is critical to consider its size and form.

Similarly, whether you are purchasing a new laptop or already own one, you should assess its dimensions. And, whereas the screen size may appear to be that of a laptop, there is much more to consider.

As a result, as stated below, we are here to teach you how to measure laptop size. You may also read about the significance of measuring your laptop down below. So, whether you’re buying a new laptop or checking the size of your existing one, make sure to read all the way through.

How Do You Measure a Laptop?

You may wish to get started immediately now that you understand the significance of examining the size of your laptop. But first and foremost, you’ll need a tape measure. Once you’ve done so, you can go through and verify each of your laptop’s steps one by one:

Screen Size Calculation

The screen size is among the first things to consider when purchasing a laptop. The screen size not only influences the sleek physical design of your computer, but it may also influence your whole computing experience. Move your tape measure horizontally from one border to the directly opposite one to determine the larger screen of your laptop. Depending on the make of your laptop, screen sizes range from 11 to 17 inches.

Height Measurement

If you decide on a thin, light laptop, you must examine its height and width. To do so, place the laptop on a level surface and determine the distance between the top and the ground. After taking this measurement, ensure your laptop’s lid is completely closed.

Width Measurement

Aside from your laptop’s screen size and shape, it would be best if you also considered its breadth to get a notion of its entire form factor. Unlike the screen size measurement, the width dimension comprises the display bezels and the outside frame. Insert a measurement tape vertically or left to right on top of your laptop to determine its width.

Depth Measurement

It would be best if you also looked at the depth and length of your laptop to determine its form factor. The depth measurement, like the width unit of measure, includes the screen bezels and indicates the exact sleek design of your laptop. To measure the depth, position your measurements tape horizontally or from top to bottom of your laptop.

Size Guide for Laptops

In most circumstances, the screen size will be specified as the size or measurements of your laptop. It is generally provided in inches because that is the norm for screen sizes, which is just their diagonal size. However, if you purchase anything like a sleeve or a laptop bag, the size may indicate in centimeters. In such a case, look at the laptop sizes in inches and centimeters below.

Diagonal Size in CM Diagonal Size in Inches
25.40 cm 10 inch
27.94 cm 11 inch
30.48 cm 12 inch
33.02 cm 13 inch
35.56 cm 14 inch
38.10 cm 15 inch
40.64 cm 16 inch
43.18 cm 17 inch
45.72 cm 18 inch
48.26 cm 19 inch
50.80 cm 20 inch

Why Should You Measure Your Laptop?

While we have provided comprehensive instructions on estimating your laptop’s size, some of you may be wondering why it is essential to compare your laptop. The fundamental reason for this is that the size of your laptop may significantly impact its portability. Aside from that, the dimensions of your laptop are critical to examine before purchasing items such as laptop bags, sleeves, covers, and other comparable accessories, which are heavily reliant on the size.

Alternative Methods for Determining Laptop Size

The following are alternate techniques for determining the size of your laptop.

  •         Examining the laptop’s model number
  •         Online laptop size measurement
  •         Examining the laptop’s rear.

Online Laptop Size Measurement

Several websites have been set up to measure the size of computers. However, be cautious because some websites are not legitimate and may provide inaccurate measurements. Open Google and search “measure my laptop online” to get a list of websites that can help you determine the size of your laptop. This phrase will provide a list of websites from which to pick.

Examining the Laptop’s Backside

The rear of your laptop contains useful information about the laptop, such as its size. When you look at the back of the laptop, you’ll notice a sticker with data about its specifications. Scan through to determine the screen size of the laptop. The user handbook and the laptop’s rear contain data on the laptop’s size. To choose the size of your laptop, thoroughly read the manual.

Examining the Laptop’s Model Number

Using the model number to determine the laptop size is the easiest method for determining the laptop’s size.

The technique for obtaining your laptop’s model number is as follows.

  •         Open your laptop computer.
  •         Go to the start menu and type system information into the search field.
  •         When the results are shown, choose the system information.
  •         The Operating System tab will appear, displaying the laptop’s model number


  •         Please take note of the model number and save it to your clipboard.
  •         Go to Google and type in the product code of your laptop.
  •         This feature will take you to the Company’s website.
  •         Look at this page to determine the size of the laptop.

Is the screen size of the laptop the same as the screen resolution?

No, screen size is not the same as screen resolution, yet so many people mistake the two. The laptop screen size is the size of your laptop without the bezels. In contrast, the screen resolution is the total of the horizontal and vertical pixels on the laptop’s display. The laptop’s size cannot change; it is fixed. However, the screen resolution may change regardless of screen size.

Use the methods below to adjust the screen resolution on your display.

  •         Launch your laptop’s search function.
  •         Enter display options and search.
  •         Look for the display resolution in the search result.
  •         From there, you may change the screen resolution.


By measuring the size and height of your laptop, you can quickly determine its mobility and purchase accessories for it. You may also promptly verify the size of your laptop because we have a thorough guide on laptop measures.

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