Chromebook vs Laptop Pros And Cons

Chromebooks and laptops are not the same machines, despite their similarities. This article addresses the Chromebook vs. Laptop issue, so if you’re attempting to choose between the two, you’ve come to the correct spot.

In actuality, your choice between a Windows laptop and a Chromebook will rely on several factors, including the device’s intended use. So that you can choose the best computer for you, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of each.

Laptop: Pros and Cons

The adaptability of a Windows-powered notebook PC or laptop is one of its main benefits. It entails virtually any application, browser, and a wide range of antivirus settings and other services may use.

In other words, a Windows laptop may be customized to your specifications. However, if you want to use your computer for video editing or gaming, you may also have to invest hundreds of dollars for it.

On the other hand, Windows laptops may be relatively affordable if you only want the essentials. One of their many overall benefits over Chromebooks is this.

Pros and Cons of Chromebooks

Chromebooks are often less complicated and more affordable than equivalent Windows machines. It explains why Chromebooks are used in many schools for in-person and online learning by students.

The great news is that Chromebooks are significantly more capable than they ever were, supporting cloud-based gaming and Android apps. As a result, they now regard it as both entertainment and productivity gadgets.

One more of the numerous benefits of Chromebooks is how frequently Google adds new functionality to them. And you can quickly find these machines at meager prices during specific periods of the year.

Additional Information – Chromebooks vs. Laptops

We’ll now examine some of the differences between Windows PCs and Chromebooks. These are some features of a Windows computer:

  •         It runs on Microsoft Windows 10 (and soon, Windows 11)
  •         It is accessible as both a laptop and a workstation, and it plays Windows applications, including several MS games and tons of third-party software.
  •         It may be set up to meet minimal productivity and resource-intensive requirements.

On the other side, Chromebooks have the following characteristics:

  •         They can run Linux, which is still unique to some people.
  •         In general, they are easier to use than Windows PCs.
  •         Typically, they cost a lot less than Windows PCs.
  •         They can play some Android apps in addition to Chrome OS.

The fundamental distinction between Chromebooks and Windows PCs is that the latter provides a wide range of hardware options, including a regular clamshell notebook, 2-in-1 Windows pads with removable keyboards, convertibles with 360-degree joints, or a windows based tablet.

Most Chromebooks are clamshells. However, several convertible models are also readily accessible. Instead of the standard clamshell shape, you might choose the Chrome OS tablets if you want to access Android apps on your Chromebook.

Long-lasting batteries

Surprisingly, considering that Chromebooks cost nearer to $250 and MacBooks cost approximately $1,000, both laptop models astonish with remarkably long battery life.

You can use either a Chromebook or a laptop for at least 10 hours before needing to recharge. They run longer than Windows laptops because of their low-energy storage options and effective CPUs.


Chromebooks often have fewer hardware needs than laptops and are smaller and lighter. They are typically far less expensive than a Windows PC as a result. In actuality, a decent Chromebook is still available for about £145. On a Windows computer, this cannot say.

You should budget between £290 and £360 or more for a Chromebook and about £500 or more for a Windows computer if you want additional features or better performance.

You may want to choose a Chromebook if everything you must do can be done on an internet browser or with both internet or Apps, especially if your price is an issue. However, you’ll need to think about a Windows PC more as your computing needs increase.

The Conclusion: Chromebooks vs. Laptops

The first step in choosing between a Chromebook and a Windows desktop computer or laptop is understanding your needs. You may choose which of these laptops will serve you best by going through each feature one at a time.

Remember that a Windows PC will probably serve your needs for commercial purposes better than a Chromebook. However, the features of Chromebooks are continually improving, so this may have changed by the time you read this.

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